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The Importance of Proper HVAC Installation

Without proper HVAC installation service, did you know your energy bills could be 30 percent higher than they need to be? All homes need a suitable HVAC system — especially in the hottest months of the summer and the coldest months of the winter. Installation is where it all starts.

Laying the Right Foundation

Most of ensuring that your HVAC system is running efficiently and effectively is having a good foundation. In other words, seals must be leak-proof, ducts must be completely unobstructed, and machinery must be entirely hooked up correctly from the get-go. Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that your HVAC system is appropriate for your needs. After all, there are a large number of systems available, and you want the right one.

All of this allows for maximum comfort and efficient energy bills each month. Add-ons like strategically placed ventilation and insulation, a programmable thermostat, and other energy-efficient features can help you save money and even help the environment too. Some homeowners save $200 a year and much more depending on the situation when they take the time to seek the best in installation services.

Choose Busy Bee for Your HVAC Installation

Busy Bee Heating & Air Conditioning offers the best in heating and air service for residential and commercial locations in and around the Old Hickory, TN area. We have over ten years of quality experience repairing, maintaining, replacing, and installing HVAC systems.

Allow us to help you with your HVAC system installation, and definitely consider joining the BeeHive Club! With the BeeHive Club, you get 10 percent off all your repairs, no overtime charges on HVAC service, and you’re put at Priority Service Level. You’ll even receive 1 cooling and 1 heating maintenance visit each year for just $99/year.

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