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What Does Your AC Actually Do?

Monday, June 19th, 2023

This might sound like a strange question to ask on an HVAC blog, but it’s one that we think many homeowners need to learn about. After all, nobody really has to learn about how an air conditioner works when they purchase one, they only need to know that it’s going to cool their home. But when a problem arises and they need to invest in air conditioning repair in Nashville, TN, the cooling process becomes the center of the conversation.

So, let’s skip right to the important part. How does an AC work and why does it cool the air in your home? Once you can answer this question (hopefully after reading this blog), then you’ll soon be able to learn more about why certain repair needs pop up when they do. Because of the compressor, a complex fan system, and many electrical connections, your AC needs constant maintenance and care in order for it to truly survive for 10–15 years of diligent service.

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Is Your AC Short Cycling?

Monday, October 10th, 2022

A short cycling air conditioner is a problem we see often. It’s one that can be a symptom of a greater problem, but also an issue that homeowners rarely know the detriments of. From refrigerant leaks to a botched installation, there can be many causes of a short cycling air conditioner, and the first important step is to notice the problem in the first place.

This blog post is sort of a PSA about the problems with short cycling and how to detect it. For any customers wondering if they need air conditioning repair in Nashville, TN, for a short cycling AC, then the answer is “absolutely.” But detecting the short cycling system and targeting the root cause of the problem is a bit more complicated.

Let’s discuss short cycling. What it is, how it happens, and if your system is suffering from this problem right now.

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