You want to hire the best when you are having work done in your home. Getting the right HVAC contractor into complete repairs requires some research. Not all companies have experience with or carry every manufacturer. Additionally, some units are hooked up to gas lines which can become dangerous if the right installation method isn’t applied. With so many air conditioning and heating contractors available, how do you choose the one that is right for you? We’ve put together a guide to help.

1. Have a good idea of what you are needing

Before you call just any business and ask for maintenance repair on your heating and cooling system, take some time to assess what it is you’re needing. You’ll save yourself time and money by researching the issues you are experiencing. Dig out the users manual to get more information about the make and model so you can communicate this to your HVAC contractor. It’s typical for contractors to specialize with particular HVAC manufacturers such as American Standard or AccuClean. It’s beneficial for you that they are so they don’t run into problems during the installation process.

2. Confirm they are insured.

Installing and repairing your HVAC system in your home is a lot more complicated than it looks. After you do your research and you start making calls, ask if they have insurance. Their insurance policy will cover the cost of damages from the HVAC system and an injury that could take place while on the job. It’s advisable to ask for proof of their policy before signing a contract.

3. Does the Better Business Bureau accredit them?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is dedicated to helping consumers find a reputable contractor. What you get from hiring someone who is certified from the BBB is a level of professionalism and experience that is unlike anything else on the market. The businesses listed are held to a higher standard and must undergo a series of steps to prove that they are capable of upholding a level of professionalism. You can visit the BBB website and find Nashville HVAC contractors with A+ and five-star ratings. Ideally, the company you are interested in will also have an image of the BBB certification.

4. Read their reviews.

Almost everything and everyone is online these days. Business reviews included. It’s one of the most successful ways for businesses to get new clients. Having their customers share their experience can only benefit them, so check their website, the Better Business Bureau, and Google for customer feedback. If you’re looking at a company with a four or five-star rating, it’s almost guaranteed that you will benefit from hiring them to complete your work.

5. Ask for a written estimate.

Your HVAC contractor will come to your house to complete an inspection. Afterward, they will talk with you about the problems they found, their suggestions for fixing the issue, and what it will take to make the repairs. The estimate should be written in writing. Hiring a contractor to fix your air conditioning and heating unit should be straightforward. An honest company will provide you with a written estimate before they start the project.

6. Do they carry Energy Star qualified products?

Back in 2006, the U.S. put regulations on manufacturers of HVAC units to meet an energy efficiency standard. The analysis takes the systems energy efficiency at peak operating use and divides it by how much power is consumed. The ratio is applied to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER number, the better the equipment will be at using less energy. Your HVAC contractor should carry units that meet these standards.

7. Can they offer you a discount?

Many manufacturers offer rebates on their products. When you are hiring a contractor for your air conditioning and heating system, ask if they know whether or not you would qualify for one. It’s a complicated process to navigate on your own, but most contractors should have information on what will work. Often, they also have information about warranties that can also help save you money.

8. They will inspect your entire house.

We already mentioned a house inspection would drive the estimate, but we wanted to further address the inspection. The right contractor won’t suggest a unit that doesn’t work for your home. Suggestions come from the analysis of the home’s components such as window insulation, square footage, and possibly even the duct system to check for leaks.

If you want an HVAC contractor accredited by the Better Business Bureau and excellent customer reviews, Busy Bee is here for you. Visit our website to learn more.

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