It’s hard to imagine, but your thermostat plays a critical role in the health of your HVAC system. That innocuous device on the wall contributes to your energy costs and how long your unit will last. The thermostat communicates with your unit letting it know what temperature you want it to be and the current temperature. It will keep kicking the A/C on until it reaches your preferred comfort level. Issues with reading the temperature means your unit is going to work in overdrive to keep up with the demands. Not something you want if you have no interest in sky-high electricity bills or don’t want to buy a new HVAC unit.

It’s not in our interest to tell you that to upgrade without giving context. If you’re going to make updates, you should consider a programmable option. You’ll have up-front costs that will save you a considerable amount of money and hassle in the end.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Thermostat

Reduce Energy Costs

Research shows that if you reduce the temperature in your home by 7-10 degrees for about eight hours a day, you could save about 10% on your energy bill annually. Winter months should have the thermostat set to 68 degrees while you’re awake and lower when you head off to bed. During the summer months, you can keep the house warmer and setting it to 78 degrees when you’re at home. Some statistics say adjusting your thermostat one degree can save you 2%. Every little bit counts as energy costs continue to rise.

Steady Temperatures Throughout the Home

Upgrading your thermostat to a programmable device gives you a more accurate reading on these temperatures reducing your annual cost. Thermostats relying on mercury readings aren’t always as precise. They send information about the current temperature inside the home to the HVAC system asking it to cool more or less depending on their reading. If you’re getting inconsistencies, you’re looking at more energy costs and wearing out your HVAC unit.

Improve the Performance of Your HVAC System

Replacing the entire unit is expensive. A trusted Middle Tennessee HVAC contractor should give you the option to switch out your thermostat to see if it will help improve performance. As we’ve mentioned, a lot of communication happens between the two devices. A programmable thermostat can do a lot to even out the efficiency of your system without having to invest in something completely new. Definitely consider swapping to a programmable option on machines that are 12-15 years older to see if there are improvements.

Get Remote Access to Your Thermostat

Have you heard much about “smart homes?” It’s a trendy new term describing the available devices common to the home that can utilize wifi. Programmable thermostats are similar and use an app to give you more control. Why should that matter? Well, it gives you the flexibility to make changes to the indoor climate even if you’re not home. You can be anywhere and make adjustments from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. No longer will you need to wonder if you altered your settings before you left for vacation. Just a few clicks of a button and you’re all set.

Customize the Control Settings

It’s not uncommon for houses to have random rooms that are hotter or cooler than the other. The direction of the house, a tree, or personal preference are contributing factors. So, instead of cranking up the air for the whole house, you can have a different zone with different settings. It’s helpful regarding efficiency. You’ll save money since you won’t be trying to cool the whole home and there is less stress added to the machine.

Upgrade to an Easy-to-Use Programmable Thermostat

Past complaints about programmable thermostats included difficulty in use. Not anymore. Advancements in technology have improved the user interface and streamlined the process. Now, instead of having to click through a bunch of buttons, the setting options are concise, clear, and easy-to-use.

If you’re wanting to upgrade, contact Busy Bee today. We’ve been working with HVACs for years and have a thorough understanding of how the performance of your thermostat affects efficiency. In our maintenance services, checking the thermostat is one of the first calls to action. Together we can establish which option is right for you.

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