Maintenance checks and repairs are necessary for the performance of your HVAC system. There are a few things you can do at home that will ensure efficiency, but you should hire a professional to come out twice a year. The HVAC system is comprised of an air conditioner and furnace. Most households will switch from one to the other when the temperature suddenly changes. This kind of pressure can damage the unit. Get it checked twice a year for the best performance.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

Calibrating the Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can benefit from being calibrated. It’s just a fancy way of saying it needs adjusting by a pro. When your professional contractor comes in, they can ensure it’s set correctly and give you some tips on the best temperature for optimal energy and performance efficiency.

Test and Tighten Electrical Connections

Some of the HVAC sits outside and the other in a corner of your home. Over time, wires can become loose, broken, or disconnected. These live wires need handling from a professional to ensure safety.

Oil Moving Parts of the HVAC

Friction can cause a lot of damage. If you don’t keep moving parts lubricated than you run the risk of friction causing the parts to wear out at a quicker rate. Not to mention, without proper oiling the entire machine will move a little slower and increase your energy consumption.

Check the Condensation Drain

Mold and bacteria thrive in damp environments. An obstructed condensation drain will allow the water to back-up. The result is more humidity inside. It can also cause unnecessary water damage as the water backs into the system or becomes standing.

Inspect Controls are Properly Operation

Along with checking the thermostat settings, part of your maintenance inspection should include a few flicks of a switch. What they are looking for is how the startup and shutdown modes are working. They coincide with the thermostat and are part of the operation system.

Check Air Filter

Every property owner should consider checking and replacing air filters. A professional should do this for you as well. It’s an excellent opportunity to talk about the best filter for your system and which one you should get to ensure its energy efficient.

Maintenance Checks for Your Furnace

Your furnace needs different attention. Getting an inspection when the temperature is about to drop should check the below:

Exhaust Outlets

Problems with your exhaust can be dangerous. The exhaust contains carbon monoxide. Any backup would put this dangerous gas into the home. Your HVAC contractor will inspect the outlets to confirm there aren’t leaks, rust, corrosion, or other harmful issues.

Fuel Lines, Burners, Heat Exchangers

Another potential safety risk presents itself when a fuel line is disconnected. It also makes the system less efficient. You don’t want a burner to have an accumulation of debris either. The system doesn’t run as smooth.

Maintenance Checks for Your Air Conditioner

Now let’s take a look at what your air conditioner needs.


The last thing you want is for the coil to become so dirty it slows down operation. It will work harder meaning your energy bills will go up. Your contractor will clean these parts for you.


Refrigerant will keep your house cool. Having the proper amount not only confirms that it has the capabilities to cool properly, but it means the compressor won’t get damaged.

Blower System

All components of the blower system need cleaning and calibrating. The blower moves hot air over a cooling coil to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. Your professional should check that these parts are clean and adjusted if necessary.

Discount on HVAC Services and Maintenance

Maintenance is a critical part of your HVAC health. If not completed correctly you run the risk of sustaining damages that could become costly repairs. Busy Bee offers a program called the Beehive Club that includes one heating and one cooling maintenance visit per year.

The program is designed to help commercial and residential property owners stay on top of maintenance and reduce the chances of having an interruption to the system. Along with inspections, you’ll get 10% off any repairs that might need to be completed. Regular visits from a trusted HVAC contractor should be considered a preventative treatment. In the long run, you could save thousands of dollars.

Busy Bee Standards

At Busy Bee, we have over a decade of experience working on heating and air conditioning units. However, there’s more to hiring a contractor than having someone who knows a thing or to. Getting the job done safely requires a license and insurance policy. At Busy Bee, we have both. Our success stems from our work ethic. We are proud to be a Christian-based business that takes our work seriously. You can expect only honest and trustworthy advice from our team.

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