Water pressure problems at home often present themselves in different ways and might be frustrating. You might notice that the faucets take forever to fill the sink, or the showerhead doesn’t give you the required spray. Here are some reasons your water pressure might be low in your Madison, TN, home.

The Meter Valve Isn’t Fully Open

Most homes have two main shutoff valves that control the amount of water getting to the house. You’ll find one of the valves near the water meter; it’s the water company’s property. If the water pressure is low after performing maintenance on your plumbing system, the valve probably isn’t fully open.

Additionally, if there was a repair in your house, you can check the meter valve either on the outside valve of your home or in the interior utility area. When the valve isn’t straight, it isn’t entirely open.

The Pressure Regulator Is Failing

The water pressure regulator at your home might be faulty. The role of the pressure regulator is to control the amount of water pressure to prevent water from damaging the pipes. Although not all homes have a pressure regulator, if yours does, you might check whether it’s faulty when the water pressure in your house is low.

A faulty pressure regulator reduces the water pressure suddenly. Contact a professional to replace the pressure regulator.

Old Steel Water Pipes

Old steel pipes often get corroded, restricting high water pressure. Most of the corrosion happens inside the pipes, making it hard for you to identify. The corrosion builds up, gradually blocking the pipes.

It’s a problem that occurs so gradually that you won’t notice the drop in water pressure. You’ll want to replace corroded pipes with copper or plastic ones.

Contact our team at Busy Bee Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for professional plumbing and water heater services. We offer a 10-point inspection that includes a water pressure test.

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