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Which Home Heating Service Do I Need

When your heating system is on the fritz, it’s hard to know what’s actually going on. Is something really broken and in need of heating repairs? Or does your furnace or heat pump simply need maintenance?

The only true way to answer this question is to have your furnace or heat pump looked at by a professional. Only a skilled and knowledgeable heating technician can diagnose your problem, and simply assuming that it’s just a maintenance issue or small problem could end up being costly for you.

Most Common Heating Repair Problems

In the air duct:

♦ Tears and rips in air ducts
♦ Holes in air ducts
♦ Leaks in air ducts

Because of overuse and age:

♦ Clogged air filters
♦ Old and out of adjustment
♦ Improper condenser unit settings
♦ Improper fuel settings
♦ Relays or defrost operation

Other issues:

♦ Incorrect furnace size for home
♦ Exposed joints
♦ Wires connected incorrectly
♦ Faulty initial furnace settings

These issues, malfunctions, and poorly-prepared systems can cost you hundreds of dollars each year if they go unfixed.

Keeping Up with Maintenance

You’ll notice that many of the most common heating repair issues have to do with age and condition. In actuality, this is generally a case of avoiding regular maintenance on your heating system.

Simply by scheduling regular maintenance on your furnace or heat pump, you can avoid the need for costly repairs or even furnace or heat pump replacement down the line. Furthermore, you’ll be saving money every month by making your heating system more efficient.

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