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HVAC Air Filters for Allergens in Middle TN
Allergy Season, HVAC Preventive Maintenance

HVAC Air Filters to Reduce Allergens

At the change of the new and warmer season, we focus our attention on treating outdoor allergies. We stock up on antihistamines hoping the pollen we inhale from spending more time outdoors won’t make use sneeze, itch, or get watery eyes. Indoor allergens present problems year round. Sometimes they cause milder symptoms of the issues mentioned above. However, regular maintenance of your HVAC can help minimize these flare ups for you, members of the household, or guests.
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A woman set the thermostat at house.
HVAC Preventive Maintenance

9 Steps to Take Before Turning on Your Air Conditioner

Preparing for summer starts with checking your A/C unit. Tennesseans have many days in the spring that include opening the windows and enjoying the gentle breeze. But, summer settles in quickly, and we immediately reach for the thermostat. Cranking on the air conditioning when the heat index spikes put pressure on the operations. Inspect some aspects of the unit yourself and have your HVAC contractor come out to complete the rest.Read more

Plumber Pipe and Adjustable Wrenches on Water Heater Gas Line
Water Heater Tips

Water Heater Maintenance Guide

Your water heater performs essential tasks in your home. Want a nice, soothing hot shower? Need to remove stains on your clothes with a hot wash? Your water heater will do all of this for you. Don’t experience a disruption in the system and have your water heater serviced. We’ve outlined some of the most fundamental services you can apply to your water heater.Read more

Air Conditioning Technician and A part of preparing to install new air conditioner.
HVAC Preventive Maintenance

The Importance of Professional Maintenance

Maintenance checks and repairs are necessary for the performance of your HVAC system. There are a few things you can do at home that will ensure efficiency, but you should hire a professional to come out twice a year. The HVAC system is comprised of an air conditioner and furnace. Most households will switch from one to the other when the temperature suddenly changes. This kind of pressure can damage the unit. Get it checked twice a year for the best performance.Read more

House Renovation, The Importance of Proper HVAC Installation

What to Expect from a New HVAC Installation

A good HVAC system should last you years. However, on occasion, you might have to replace the system if it wasn’t well maintained or is out-of-date. There are a few things you should look for when you are buying a new unit. But, that’s just the start. Knowing what you should expect from the installation will help you prepare your home and your wallet for the new HVAC unit.Read more

Heating and Cooling Questions, The Importance of Proper HVAC Installation

Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings

Purchasing a home is an investment, and any additions you make should be improvements on its market value. Replacing your HVAC has the ability to improve value and reduce your carbon footprint. Purchasing a system with an excellent energy efficiency rating will lower the monthly costs of utilities and use a lot less electricity.

The search for a new unit can be a little confusing. There is a lot of information attached to energy efficient HVAC systems, so it might be hard to choose which one is best. Knowing the benefits and the different ways they are rated will help you make a better purchase decision.

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What You Need to Know About Ductwork
Architecture & Building, Heating and Cooling Questions, House Renovation

What You Need to Know About Ductwork

The HVAC system is comprised of several different components. Airflow within the home is courtesy of your ductwork. Issues with this part of the unit restricts energy efficiency and diminishes air quality. How the duct is installed and maintained plays a critical role in the longevity of your HVAC system and the comfort of your home. Most homeowners fixate on the unit itself. However, failing to take care of the duct could mean you spend hundreds of dollars down the line in repairs.Read more

What You Should Know About Buying a New HVAC System
Architecture & Building, Construction Consultant, Heating and Cooling Questions, House Renovation

What You Should Know About Buying a New HVAC System

The need for a new HVAC system can happen at any time of year for a multitude of reasons. They can make the quality of life at home a lot more comfortable with heating and cooling when needed. However, these units are a little complex. Shopping for a new one can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but that’s where Busy Bee comes in. We’ve outlined some considerations you will need to make when purchasing a new HVAC system.Read more

Questions to ask your HVAC Contractor
Heating and Cooling Questions, HVAC Preventive Maintenance, The Importance of Proper HVAC Installation

What Questions to ask your HVAC Contractor

No one wants to have issues with their HVAC unit. If problems present themselves that means you are working with limited heating and cooling. Your energy bills can go up and replacing your unit with a brand new one can be expensive. But, if you are currently in the market for a new unit or needing repairs, you’ll want to be prepared for working with your HVAC contractor.

HVAC contractors are specialized in helping homeowners find practical solutions to repairing or replacing their units. However, if your knowledge about these systems is limited, there are ways you can inform yourself to make better decisions about where to invest your money. Here are some questions you can ask when you hire a professional HVAC contractor.Read more