It’s never convenient when your ductless air conditioner stops working. When it happens, you’re likely facing a few uncomfortable days and nights. Three reasons your ductless air conditioner may not be cooling in Lebanon, TN, include refrigerant leaks, dirt accumulation, and evaporator coil issues.

Refrigerant Leaking Out

Your AC system requires refrigerant to keep your home cool. It shifts the heat that’s inside your home outside.

Air conditioning units do not consume refrigerant. Instead, the equipment pieces recycle the substance as they operate. When refrigerant leaks out of an AC system, the unit loses the product that it needs to keep your home comfortable and cool.

Cold Air is Not Cold Enough

Sometimes ductless air units don’t blow cold air or air that’s cool enough. Most of the time, the air isn’t cold enough because the system is dirty. Dirt and debris can collect inside this type of system pretty fast, so cleaning it may be all that’s needed for the unit to blow the cold air that you require.

Low refrigerant levels are another common reason for lack of cold air. In this case, your ductless system may have a leak.

Evaporator Coil Problems

Ductless air conditioners use an evaporator coil to cool your home. If this part is malfunctioning, then your home may not be as cool as you need. Airflow can be cut off to the coil, which happens when the unit’s air filter is clogged.

When the temperature surrounding the coil drops enough that it freezes, this prevents the part from removing the heat out of the air. If you notice that ice has developed on your AC unit, then contact a professional HVAC company.

Professional Help

At Busy Bee Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we hire expert technicians who have the skills to assess your system to determine why your ductless air conditioner is failing to work correctly. Contact us to make an appointment for ductless air conditioner maintenance today.

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