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Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend over a thousand dollars purchasing a new water heating system if the old one works just fine. It’s only when you’re taking cold showers and unable to wash your clothes with hot water that you start considering that purchase. But the truth is that the signs of a retiring water heater are usually there before the time actually arrives.

We all rely so much on hot water to live our lives that it can be a huge burden to your life when the system stops working and you have to go without it for a few days. This is what makes replacing or repairing a water heater before it breaks down so vital. And, if you’ve budgeted well enough, the purchase price might not be so bad when it’s finally time to make the upgrade.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can get ready for your next big water heater purchase, or if you should just spend money now on water heater service in Nashville.

Evaluating the Age and Condition of Your Water Heater

It’s almost impossible to figure out when your water heater might need replacing if you don’t know the shape it’s in or how old it is. These are major factors that contribute to water heater service.

This could be a great reason to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our technicians. We’ll take a look at your water heater (while also providing maintenance on other systems you might have at home) and give you a general overview of how it’s working, how efficient it is, and the age.

Then, we can start to have a discussion on when you might want to replace the water heater and how expensive that might be.

When to Repair

If your water heater seems to only be a few years old, or at least below the 8–12 year threshold when most systems reach the end of their lifespan, then you’re likely better off getting repairs done.

Until your water heater reaches that age point, repairs are going to be more affordable and they should go a long way toward extending the lifespan of your system a few more years so you can enjoy comfortable hot water and efficiency.

Budgeting for a Replacement

Now we get to the good part. When you’re finally confronted with the fact that your water heater is going to retire soon (or at least it’s beyond the 8–12 year age mark), it’s then time to plan.

First, think about the kind of water heater you’ll want to invest in. Tankless water heaters are a great option, but they’re more expensive. They bring superior efficiency and longevity, so the price is definitely worth it.

Or, you might want to replace your water heater with another tank model, which is always a good option. These systems are affordable, but they still require a hefty bit of cash to make the purchase initially. Save aside some money every week and make sure you know about our financing options so you’re ready for the purchase when the time comes!

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