Is a Thermostat Upgrade a Good Idea?

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Replacing your thermostat might sound like an unnecessary expense, but we’re here to provide a different perspective! Thermostats represent the “brain” of your HVAC system, and they’re a fundamental part of how you control the comfort of your home. If you’ve got an old thermostat or one that’s technologically outdated, then you might be missing out on some amazing features that can help you in two specific ways.

The first benefit of a thermostat upgrade in Nashville and Middle Tennessee is that you’ll appreciate the convenience and the ability to use the system in more than one way.

The second major benefit is that you might get increased energy efficiency from your HVAC system with a newer, more technologically advanced thermostat.

Want proof? Keep reading and we’ll talk about exactly why these two benefits are absolutely worth the cost of a new thermostat.

Two Ways a Thermostat Upgrade Can Help

In order to simply state how important a thermostat upgrade can be, we’d like to evaluate the two main categories where improvements can be made. Unique situations and homes might benefit more or less from these kinds of systems, and for those homeowners, we’d recommend calling our team for a comfort consultation.

Supreme Convenience

Wi-Fi enabled and smart thermostats are just more convenient to use than old thermostats. Even older digital thermostats lack some of the 21st century technology that can make a huge difference when living your life and trying to save money.

Wi-Fi thermostats, for instance, can be controlled anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection or signal, directly from your smartphone. This means that you can change the temperature at home while you’re at work or waiting in traffic.

To make things even more convenient, smart thermostat models can make changes automatically to the temperature as long as you program them ahead of time. This means your HVAC system can lighten the load while you’re asleep.

Curb Energy Waste

We just mentioned that a smart thermostat can ease the burden on your HVAC system while you’re asleep, but there’s an important reason why it’s such a good idea. This kind of slight change every night can save a substantial amount on your energy bill over time. Smart thermostats are amazing for cutting wasted energy out of your schedule and saving you money in the long run.

A Small Cost for a Big Difference

Let’s face it, when it comes to the cost of HVAC upgrades, the thermostat is one of the cheapest components. Sure, it might be a few hundred dollars to invest in a high quality smart or Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, but with the differences it can make to your life, that cost is well worth it. If you were to upgrade your HVAC system or even overhaul your air ducts, you might see a cost that’s well into the thousands of dollars for a minimal difference depending on how old or outdated the technology is.

For starters, we always recommend homeowners invest in a new thermostat. Then, if further upgrades need to be made in the future, we can evaluate those options as well.

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