The Benefits of an Air Filter Change

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It’s that time of year again! We’d like to remind all of our customers about the one component of their heating system that they can impact right now without professional help. When it comes to opening the system, unscrewing nuts and bolts, and testing other components for heating repair in Nashville, TN, that needs to be left up to a licensed, insured professional. But for an air filter change, that’s easy peasy!

Air filters are in charge of a lot of small processes inside your heating system. Sure, they improve the air quality of your home, but that’s last on the list. Most importantly, they stop contaminants from gunking up your heating unit and causing damage that would otherwise shorten the lifespan by a few years. As a filter is changed more regularly, you’ll see some of the excellent benefits played out and you’ll enjoy the warmth this holiday season.

The Benefits of Changing the Air Filter

Let’s touch on some of the benefits of an air filter change. The first and most important is the fact that the air filter does a better job when it’s fresh. It’s designed to stop contaminants like dust and pet dander from causing issues in your heating system over time, which can lead to an early replacement and more expensive repairs.

The air filter is also located right where fresh air is sent into the heating system, meaning that if it gets clogged up, it can stifle your system and cause it to work harder to suck in fresh air, which means more stress on the unit and higher heating bills.

And lastly, yes, the air filter does trap contaminants that you would otherwise breathe in, so it does all of these jobs in one!

How to Change Your Air Filter

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on changing your air filter. Just remember that if your air filter feels different from our description here, or if you’re confused about any step, then make sure you call our team for professional support.

  1. First, start by turning off your HVAC system and locating the air filter. This component is almost always located in the return air duct, which is the air duct that feeds air into the heating system. You’ll likely see a small flap, or an area where it can be pulled out.
  2. Once you pull it out, then it’s time to either replace it or dispose of it. A filter that’s reusable, like some kind of plastic, should be patted down with a damp paper towel and dried before reinserting it into the air duct. A disposable filter can be thrown away and replaced by one that’s the exact same size. Make sure it’s the same size! Any poor fit can be bad for your system’s internal components.
  3. Once the filter has been cleaned or changed out, turn the heating system back on. At this point, you should be good to go, and you can easily enjoy the benefits of clean, fresh air being heated in your heating system.

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