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Plumbing problems can be tricky because they rarely happen when we would like them to. That month when you had plenty of savings and not much going on? That was the month that everything worked smoothly. But the moment you decided to host a holiday party and get your whole family together, that’s when the plumbing problems ramp up and the stress can seem unbearable.

Well, the good news is that nothing is unfixable. Plumbing systems are designed to specifically be repaired over long periods of time, just like most other systems in a home. Sink plumbing in Nashville and Middle Tennessee is actually one of the most affordable types of services offered, so you might be luckier than you think.

Today, we’d like to focus on two things. The first will be some of the common problems that can occur with a sink, and the second will be the most affordable ways to treat those issues and fix them for good.

Types of Sink Problems

Before we talk about the affordable ways or plumbing “hacks” to alleviate your problems, we need to talk about the problems themselves!

Sinks are appliances that are fairly straightforward. They allow for water to be turned on through the handles and sent out from the faucet’s spigot. Then, the water collects in the basin where it can be drained after use. It’s simple, but it’s taken thousands of years for human beings to perfect this formula!

With that said, there are a few problems that can arise with a functioning sink:

  • Clogged drain. For kitchen and bathroom sinks, there can be a lot of contaminants used with the water that comes from the spigot. This can lead to drain clogs as those contaminants like food scraps, soap, or hair get caught inside the pipe.
  • Broken faucet. Do you turn the handle on your sink and nothing comes out? This can be a sign that the faucet itself is either broken, or you’ve got a deeper problem with your plumbing system.
  • Loose fixtures. Sinks are supposed to be tightly sealed in the countertop of your home. If it’s loose, that could lead to water leaking out of the sink and into your cabinets or other areas of your house.

Fixing a Sink the Affordable Way

First of all, you can always call our team to address any of the above-listed problems. But here are a few tips to help you save.

  • Check the manufacturer. Many sinks and other appliances are covered by a lifetime guarantee depending on the manufacturer’s policies. Why not try checking with the manufacturer to see if they could cover the cost of a replacement?
  • Invest in plumbing maintenance. Do you have pesky drain clogs on an almost routine basis? Then we urge you to invest in plumbing maintenance and drain cleaning services. This will reduce your need for a plumber and keep things running smoothly.
  • Work with a trusted plumber. Sink repairs are needed every once in a while, and it just helps to have a professional plumber you can trust on hand.

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