What Chemicals Really Do to Your Pipes

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We talk a lot on this blog about the detriments of using chemical drain cleaners when compared to old-fashioned drain cleaning services performed by a professional plumber. And we understand that our bias might show because, well, we are licensed master plumbers. Not everyone wants to get on the phone and set up a drain cleaning appointment when they could just purchase chemicals from the grocery store and hope they get lucky.

But even in the event that a drain cleaning chemical does get rid of your clogging problem, are you really better off? Just because you can’t see the problem doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Today, we’re going to shine a light on the real problem with chemicals entering your drain system. Prolonged exposure to caustic or acidic chemicals could lead to imminent pipe repair in Murfreesboro, TN, which is something that can be a lot more costly and frustrating than just simply scheduling a drain cleaning every once in a while.

They Destroy the Pipe Lining

Pipes rely on strong linings to adequately transfer liquid from one place to another. Without a proper seal, a PEX or PVC pipe will crack and break, allowing for water to spill out of microscopic holes or tears in the material.

This pipe lining is pressure resistant and hard enough to resist most physical damage that could be done by a drain snake or heavy usage, but it’s not built to withstand corrosion or deterioration from chemicals.

Drain cleaning chemicals are either extremely acidic, or very caustic, meaning they will naturally eat away at the lining in your pipe system, requiring repairs in the near future.

They Cause More Leaks and Replacements

When these chemicals do eat away at your pipes, they’ll cause leaks to happen more frequently. This is not only stressful to deal with, but it will mean that you’ll end up replacing your home’s plumbing pipes a lot more often than you normally would.

Those good old copper pipes you spent a fortune on a few years ago might be on their way out earlier due to constantly being exposed to chemicals that rot them from within.

They’re Bad for Your Local Ecosystem

When you flush something down the drain, it’s easy to forget that it ever existed. No matter how disgusting or harmful that substance is, it probably ends up in a water treatment plant where a professional hired by your local municipality fixes the problem, right?

Well … Not exactly.

Due to the constant leaks that are caused by harsh chemicals, those substances can easily leak out onto your property and harm your local ecosystem, which is much more of an urgent problem.

Perhaps you like to garden in the summer, or you just installed an in-ground pool on your property—these are all reasons why a polluted ecosystem could end up hurting you more than anyone else. Those chemicals could reach your garden plants, your pool water, and even harm your pets when they accidentally ingest them.

Basically, chemicals can do serious harm to your local ecosystem if, or when, they leak out.

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