When to Call for an Emergency Plumber

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You might not know this, but our team offers emergency services for weekends, holidays, and even after-hours situations that might call for a professional. This happens more often than you think, and it’s something we know from experience that our customers are glad we offer.

However, sometimes we can let problems linger for too long before we finally call a professional. Yes, that leaky pipe might make things a lot worse in the next few days if you don’t call for emergency repairs. We’ll explain how this can happen and what the difference is between a quick fix and a repair that was left for a few days.

The most important thing you can do, however, is to call for a professional plumber in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Only a licensed master plumber or journeyman plumber can handle the task that you have ahead of you.

When Something Is Leaking

Leaks can be complicated. When you look at a leak, it might just seem like a dripping pipe or something that’s causing water to flow out of an area it’s not supposed to. However, underneath a leak can be a much more sinister issue.

Leaks can do two things: damage your property and cause mold to grow. You might not notice where the damage is being done, since it could be happening to your home’s wooden structure or to drywall in a room you don’t go in, but it’s a real possibility. And mold will grow anywhere there’s moisture and darkness, which can be anyone’s basement or in certain rooms.

A leak should be examined by a pro if it continues, which is why it’s a good reason to call for an emergency plumber.

When You’re Unsure of the Issue

Sometimes you just don’t know what the issue is. Perhaps you’ve got a clogged toilet but every time you plunge it, the problem worsens. Or maybe you’ve got several leaks in your plumbing system, and you’re not sure if they’re the same problem or a different one.

These can be a great reason to call for an emergency plumber, because the root of the problem might be a lot worse than what you’re experiencing on the surface. An emergency plumber will detect the issue and be able to fix it before it gets worse.

When Something Expensive Is at Stake

Is that water leak potentially going to ruin your brand-new TV or light fixture? While we’d advise you to move electronics out of the way or unplug them in the case of a leak, every situation is different and it might not be possible.

If there’s a potential for high expenses with your plumbing problem, then we’d advise you to call an emergency plumber to stop from paying more money in the future.

When You’ve Got Big Plans

Is your drain clogged right as you’re getting ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner? Not only is that stressful, but it could impact your plans substantially. If you were planning on cooking for a whole group of family, then you’re going to want to call for an emergency plumber.

Usually—unless we’re busy helping with more catastrophic issues—we can help with emergency issues if they’re going to get in the way of your holiday plans.

Contact the emergency plumbers at Busy Bee Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning Inc. A 100% more than satisfied promise!

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