3 DIY Tips for Your AC Maintenance

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There are two main types of air conditioning maintenance in Franklin, TN. The first is a series of things that homeowners can do to improve the efficiency and performance of their air conditioning units. The second is a professional service that you sign up for, done by a licensed HVAC technician who can make general improvements, repairs, and adjustments to ensure the system is running well.

Fortunately, the second kind of maintenance is basic. You just schedule an appointment with our team and we’ll be there to provide it. It’s really that simple.

But for the first type of maintenance, there are various different ways you can help your AC. This blog post will dive into both types of maintenance, how important they are, and where you can make improvements right now. Just be sure that you couple all of your DIY work with a professional maintenance appointment that really seals the deal.

1. Change Your Air Filter

The air filter is an important component to your air conditioner. It serves two main purposes.

The first purpose of your air filter is to stop contaminants from reaching the sensitive components like the coils. These need direct access to the atmosphere around them in order to cool the air in your home. Dust and debris can collect on these coils, and over time eliminate their ability to adequately cool the air in your home since they’re working through additional layers of contamination.

The second purpose of your air filter is to stop that dust and debris from settling on other components, causing long-term inefficiency and damage. A dusty bolt or electrical wire will have a smaller lifespan than a component that’s clean.

And yes, the air filter does protect your home’s indoor air quality as a result as well! So make sure you change out this component when maintenance is being done.

2. Hose Off the Outdoor Cabinet

The outdoor cabinet of your air conditioner gets exposed to a lot of dirt, debris, and other outdoor contaminants during the wintertime. Expecting it to work flawlessly without a good cleaning is a mistake.

We recommend taking your house and giving it a nice wash before turning it on for the season. Don’t worry, the outside casing is waterproof, as long as you don’t point the nozzle too deep inside of the system.

Washing it down can allow the vents to be cleared up and ready for use this summer.

3. Set Your Thermostat Correctly

Don’t forget to set your thermostat properly! There are two distinct ways you can get ready for the summer with your thermostat.

The first is to set it to “cooling mode” so that your air conditioner is the only system that turns on when temperatures are hot. You don’t want your heater turning on instead of the AC.

Then, make sure you set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature, like 78°F. This will ensure that your air conditioner doesn’t turn on when it’s not very hot out, saving you money on electricity.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Maintenance!

Once all of this is done, you can schedule a professional maintenance appointment so we can check the inside of your AC system. Once we give you the green light, you’re all set for a great summer!

Schedule maintenance with Busy Bee Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning Inc. for a 100% more than satisfied promise!

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