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When you look at a maintenance plan, the first thing you probably scan to is the price. Nothing in this world is really free, so making sure you can afford this kind of plan on a yearly basis is probably the top priority. But it’s impossible to gauge how “expensive” or “cheap” a maintenance plan is based on the price alone. You need to factor in the benefits, and what you actually get for such a plan.

The HVAC technology we rely on is complex. Air conditioners aren’t built like they were in the 90s. They’re intricate systems that are precisely measured to efficiently cool the air in our homes with as little cost to the owner as possible. This is a tall order and one that can get lost over time due to wear and tear. But air conditioning maintenance in Hendersonville, TN is the key to avoiding that kind of degradation and allowing the system to function as it was intended to.

This blog is all about the tremendous amount of benefits you get from just maintenance alone.

The Inspection

The first part of maintenance is always the inspection. We need to look thoroughly at your air conditioning system, both inside and out, to gauge its condition. This is where we usually have a checklist to help get us through it and ensure we check each and every component.

Usually, by the time the inspection is finished, we’ll have noticed certain areas that are ripe for improvement. For instance, a wire might be frayed and require a fix, or a component might be dirty and require cleaning. These are things we can do after we’ve fully inspected the system to be in working order.

Warding Off Repairs

Now that we can get to actually maintaining your system, one of the best benefits is the reduction and mitigation of repairs. Statistically, you’re way less likely to encounter frequent repairs when your system has been maintained every year. This is due to the fact that we inspect the system and notice any problems that are starting to come up.

This is one of the primary reasons that maintenance is so cost-effective. Even if it stops just one repair call in the future, it’s practically paid for itself.

Adjustments for Comfort

We can even adjust the system to better suit your comfort needs. If it needs to cool things down more or run in a specific way, we can adjust it to do so. Just let your voice be heard and tell us about your unique preferences!

Recommendations and Fielding Questions

Maintenance isn’t performed by a robot. You get a real-life human technician to perform this kind of service (and if they’re from our team, they’re probably very friendly). This means you can ask them all sorts of questions about your HVAC equipment, service, comfort preferences, and other things.

This is one of the best parts about maintenance because it means you get one of our technicians as a resource to field your questions. HVAC technicians, like the ones on our team, are extremely well-researched and trained on this equipment. And, because you’re paying for this appointment, we’re more than happy to tell you about your system and some best practices.

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