How Moist Is Your Basement?

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This might sound like a joke or something that you’d ask on Halloween, but it’s a serious matter. Basements are dark, and when moisture mixes with darkness, you get mold and mildew which can be a huge problem for your home and personal health. There are even horror movies dedicated to the dangers and structural threats that come from things like black mold, which is why your basement should be an area of concern if it’s always moist.

Now that we’ve gotten the initial information out of the way, let’s get back to the question: How moist is your basement? This might depend on the materials of your basement walls and floor, or the time of year, but it’s something to keep in mind. And, if you think your basement is too wet too often, then you can get in touch with our team for basement waterproofing in Nashville, TN.


Well, if your basement is flooded, you at least know that it’s too moist. First, let’s get to work ridding your basement of the excess water. Then, we can start waterproofing your basement and setting up systems that help keep it dry. And finally, you should look through it for mold spots to clean it thoroughly.

Very Wet and Humid

Some basements are extremely wet. You might notice this by having a moldy carpet that’s almost always soaking wet on the floor. Or, perhaps you just see puddles in the same areas of your basement that are like permanent fixtures at this point. Well, this is a sign that a basement needs to be waterproofed.

A dehumidifier can help with this problem, but that can usually be too much water for one dehumidification system. This is especially true if they’re floodwaters.

There Are Spots of Moisture

This is fairly common and it’s because concrete and other foundation materials that exist in the basement are permeable. What that means is that water will actually flow through concrete, cinder blocks, or stone, because of their naturally porous state. This is normal, and allows for it to stay structurally strong without being corroded by water.

But too much moisture will lead to puddles or areas where mold can begin to grow. You’ll want to check in on your basement multiple times to see if these puddles or moist spots are permanent, or just from heavy rain or humidity. We can provide water-proofing services if they’re required.


Congratulations! If your basement is dry then you’re likely in good shape, structurally speaking. However, you might want to think about what happens if things get too dry. For instance, if you’ve got a finished basement, it will likely be harder to heat the area because there’s less humidity.

There should be some humidity in the air, because the water vapor helps trap heat to keep your home warm during the winter. But otherwise, you can rest assured that the problems of a wet basement have been avoided.

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