5 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Professional

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So, you’ve decided to quickly call our experts to have your HVAC in Lebanon repaired. Great job! You’re over the hump and you’ve already addressed the hardest problem. You can trust our team to get the job done and leave you better off than when we arrived.

However, we want to change the perception that people have of HVAC technicians in our area. When you hire a professional, it’s important to remember that they’re a resource. You’re supposed to not only trust them, but rely on them in the future to help you when you need it.

Don’t fret, you don’t have to be an expert at small talk to get the most out of your HVAC pro. All you need to do is think about the following questions, and ask them to get the most out of your HVAC service.

“How Much Time Will This Repair Take?”

Any technician worth their salt could probably give you a good explanation for how much time something will take to fix. Especially if they’re the ones performing the repair, they’ll be able to give you a surprisingly close estimate!

This is a good question to ask because you can get back to any important tasks you might have had to do, while a technician works on the problem. Then, you’ll have a good idea of when you need to reconvene.

“How Long Does My AC Have Left?”

Air conditioners can expire after 10–15 years, and the condition of your system is going to heavily affect when it needs to retire. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking a professional after they’re done repairing your system how long they think your AC might last.

This probably isn’t an on-the-record opinion, but it’s good information to have from a certified professional. You can use this to plan out your future, schedule maintenance, or investigate whether it’s time to look into replacements. Lucky for you, a technician can help you start that journey!

“Why Is This Component Important?”

Want to know more about why a specific repair need is priced the way it is? Or perhaps you just want to learn more about how your air conditioner functions specifically? Well, there’s no better way to start that conversation than by asking your local professional why a certain component is so important. If they’re a friendly technician like the ones on our team, they’ll gladly answer your question.

“Are There Any Warranties or Guarantees?”

Warranties and guarantees are a great way to feel good about a purchase and save money in the future. There’s no reason why an HVAC technician wouldn’t want you to know about this information, so we’re always happy to discuss it when a customer asks. Feel free to ask your prospective HVAC provider about any special offers.

“What’s Your Name?”

This might be a silly tip, but we think it’s important to be friendly and acquainted with your HVAC professional. The more you know them and view them as a friend or neighbor, the more likely you are to trust them and value their professional opinion. Start a conversation! We love to meet new customers.

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