Is It AC Repair or Replacement Time?

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To repair or not to repair: that is the question! Sorry for our Shakespearean interlude, but we just couldn’t help ourselves! This really is a big question on a lot of our customers’ minds. When should you pay a lot of money for an expensive repair, or when should you make the choice to finally replace your old or outdated air conditioner? While there are a lot of factors that go into this kind of decision, an AC replacement in Nashville and Middle Tennessee can be easy to predict.

This blog post is all about predicting whether your AC is going to need to be replaced or repaired when you run into a problem. Every situation is different, but with a few guidelines, we’re hoping that the decision is a little bit easier for your to make with the help of a professional technician.

If you need help, call our team for more specialized support. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more!

3 Reasons to Replace Your AC

Air conditioners, contrary to popular belief, need to be replaced at a certain point. While people want to keep them forever, they’re just not designed to run forever. In fact, they do have an expiration date, and most of them expire after just 10–15 years of dutiful service.

So, why do you need to replace an AC instead of just repairing it? Look below to find out.

It’s Too Old

If an air conditioner goes beyond its reasonable lifespan, i.e. 10–15 years, many of the components will start to break down and run into serious problems. Once your AC reaches this point, it’s only a matter of time before you experience a full system breakdown, or you might start to see more frequent repairs because of broken components.

Inefficiency Trends

If an air conditioner reaches the later half of its lifespan, it can start to wane considerably in its efficiency rating. If you’re noticing a trend that you’re paying way more for energy costs than you used to, it might be time to replace your AC.

It Doesn’t Meet Comfort Demands

Simply put, if your AC doesn’t meet your comfort demands, then it’s just not worth keeping. It’s time to replace it with a system that can keep you and your family comfy!

But Are Repairs Still a Good Idea?

That depends! For instance, it doesn’t really matter what age your air conditioner is, a compressor repair or replacement is still going to cost a tremendous amount of money. If it’s more than half the cost of a brand-new air conditioner, then it’s almost always more cost-effective to go with a replacement since you’ll get more out of all the components of a new system.

But, if your system is only a couple of years old, the need to repair or replace a broken compressor or expensive component is exceptionally rare. Nine times out of ten, a repair will be more affordable and it will do the trick as long as your system is still in relatively good shape.

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