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You likely have questions, and we have answers! One of the best parts of being an HVAC team in our area is that we go through rigorous training to be able to take care of your comfort technology. With all of that training, experience, and expertise, you can bet that we love talking about this industry and its important current trends. We’re always available to help you answer questions about your air conditioning, your budget, and your home comfort.

Do you have questions about AC repair in Nashville and Middle Tennessee? Then we’ve got your answers. This blog post is going to be a comprehensive FAQ with some of the most common questions we’re asked. Just remember that if you have a question that’s not listed on this post, you can always call our team to ask us in person. Anyways, let’s get started!

“Does My AC Run on Refrigerant?”

No, it does not. Your air conditioner does require refrigerant to work, but it doesn’t run on refrigerant.

Think of refrigerant like oil in your car. Your car doesn’t run on oil, it runs on gasoline, but the oil is required for the functionality of the car. In the same way, an HVAC system runs using refrigerant as a component but doesn’t run on it.

Now, the big difference between a car and an air conditioner is that an AC is installed with enough refrigerant to last for its entire lifespan. It doesn’t ever need the refrigerant to be swapped out for any reason. This means that if your AC is low on refrigerant, you can almost guarantee that there’s some kind of leak that’s causing it to escape.

“How Cool Should My Home Be?”

While we urge homeowners to cool their homes to their own comfort preference, there are some guidelines to consider when finding a limit. For instance, we want customers to be aware of the “temperature differential” and how that might affect things.

The temperature differential means that an AC can only reasonably cool a home down to 20° below the outside temperature. If you set your thermostat below this, there’s no guarantee the air conditioner will reach that point, only that it will run for longer, consume more energy, and accumulate more stress.

“Why Does AC Cost So Much?”

Air conditioners have gotten more complex over the years, and they also use way less energy than they used to. This means that HVAC technicians require specialized training and experience. Also, labor costs have increased so that technicians can make a livable wage and support their families. There are a lot of factors involved in this equation, but the important thing to remember is that cheap AC repairs might not be the right or ethical choice, especially if done by an amateur.

“Is Maintenance Worth It?”

Yes! We know that maintenance might be marketed as an optional or additional service, but we view it as mandatory. Maintenance is required every year in order for your AC to run at peak performance and efficiency. Make sure you schedule an appointment today with a professional so that your system can get tuned up properly.

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