Your Nashville home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable place for your children to grow. Unfortunately, studies have increasingly shown in recent years that may not be the case at all. Routine activities like cooking and cleaning can have highly detrimental effects on indoor air quality. Furniture, electronic equipment, building supplies and other materials only exacerbate the problem. This is a critical issue because poor indoor air quality is particularly hazardous to children.

Risks During Pregnancy

Living in a home with poor air quality can harm a child before they’re even born. Even low levels of particulate pollution have been associated with a higher risk of premature birth. Certain pollutants can also enter the mother’s body and transfer to the fetus, potentially raising the risk of birth defects.

Respiratory Hazards

The majority of a person’s lung growth normally takes place during childhood. Frequent exposure to poor indoor air quality, however, can permanently stunt that growth. A home with polluted air can also leave a child vulnerable to a variety of serious respiratory illnesses. Additionally, the Nashville area is a major allergy hotspot. Without a good air quality solution in place, your home may not offer any respite for children with allergies.

Altered Brain Function

As with the lungs, the brain undergoes most of its key growth and development during childhood. Chronic exposure to common indoor air pollutants can potentially interfere with this development and even cause structural changes in the brain. This may lead to any number of potential issues with normal brain function. In particular, this includes impaired cognitive capacity, learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

Air pollution inside your home is a major health hazard, particularly if you’re pregnant or have children. Fortunately, it’s also a hazard that can be effectively remediated by a professional. To ensure your family is protected, call Busy Bee Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for Nashville’s premier indoor air quality service.

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