Strange noises coming from the furnace in your Franklin, Tennessee, home typically indicate the need for maintenance. While all furnaces make some sounds as they run, any scraping, banging, and rattling sounds you might hear usually indicate problems that require professional care.


Scraping sounds, like metal on metal, often indicate a problem with your blower wheel, which might be broken or loose. A problem with the blower wheel requires immediate action to prevent serious damage to your furnace. If you hear scraping sounds, turn off the unit and call for assistance.


Turn off the unit and call an HVAC professional if you hear any banging. A loud bang or boom is usually a sign of gas buildup in your furnace, which is a serious issue that can crack the heat exchanger. Gas buildup is typically caused by a dirty burner. When the burner is dirty, it delays ignition. This delay causes gas to build up, resulting in a loud bang when it finally ignites. Annual maintenance will prevent this from happening since cleaning the burner is part of your fall tune-up.

Expanding and contracting ducts can also cause banging sounds, but this type of bang isn’t as explosive or as loud as one caused by gas buildup. This is a common problem and one that’s relatively easy to fix by insulating ductwork, changing the air filter, or replacing undersized ducts.


Rattling sounds are often the result of less serious issues like a loose screw or panel door. If you hear any rattling sounds, turn off your furnace and check around it, tightening any loose parts you come across. If nothing is loose, the rattling sounds could indicate a cracked or leaking heat exchanger, which is a serious problem that can cause a carbon monoxide leak. If you think this is the case, set up an appointment with an HVAC professional to have your unit inspected.

If your furnace is making strange sounds, call the professionals at Busy Bee Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (615) 775-7833. We’ll inspect your furnace right away and get it up and running again.

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