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Are you tired of staring into that window AC unit hoping it would work better or more efficiently? Perhaps you’re just ready for whole-home cooling, but you’re not sure where to get started. Lots of homeowners start looking at the cost of air conditioning by searching online for “AC installation near me,” only to get freaked out by the prices.

We get it, an air conditioner can be an expensive installation. But it doesn’t always have to be this way, depending on the type of system you get and the timeframe you get it in.

For instance, there are a lot of great tax credits and rebates to take advantage of if you’re investing in a new, high-efficiency AC unit or heat pump. We’ll break down everything you’ll need to know when making the important decision of upgrading your window unit AC to a whole-home system.

Whole Home Systems Are More Efficient

For the customers reading this blog who have a window AC unit—this is for you! Window air conditioners are some of the most affordable AC units on the market, and for good reason. They’re fine at cooling an apartment or even a small room, but they don’t do it efficiently.

Window air conditioners, for example, don’t have access to a powerful condenser unit outside. They must cycle in your window, which means two things. First, you don’t get any of that natural sunlight for your plants or mental health. And second, your AC is operating at the thinnest part of your home, where heat is more likely to enter into the indoor air.

A central air conditioner, for example, will be more efficient operating from the center of your home, keeping most of the cool air away from the windows so your home feels more insulated and comfortable.

Utilize Your Home’s Insulation

Speaking of insulation, did you know that your home’s exterior insulation is more powerful than the interior walls? This is true.

The exterior walls of your home are designed to keep the weather away from your living space. This doesn’t just include rain, snow, and cold, but also the heat. Your indoor walls are purely for structural and aesthetic purposes, and they don’t keep heat in very well.

This means that a central cooling unit will work better by using your home’s natural exterior insulation instead of being contained in just one room.

Tax Credits, Rebates, and More

Now is the best time to invest in an air conditioner. Thanks to recent legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act, there are available tax credits, rebates, and promotions that can help you save money on a high-efficiency, eco-friendly AC unit. Just schedule an appointment with our team to explore your options.

Heat Pump Technology Is Becoming More Affordable

In the past, heat pumps were nifty but expensive systems that normal homeowners couldn’t afford. Now? They’re commonplace, affordable, and easy to acquire. Let’s see if your home is ready for a heat pump upgrade, so you can experience heating, cooling, and high efficiency all from one system.

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