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Memorial Day is over, which means that we’re entering the warmest season of the year. For many reasons, this is a good thing. We finally get to use our pools, enjoy some vacation time, and even soak up the sun. As long as you’re being safe and responsible, there are endless summertime activities to take advantage of.

With summer comes the use of water. This means that your plumbing professional is likely to be your best friend in the coming months. From leaks to outdoor gardening appliances, transporting water from one location to another can be an important focal point for the summer. So, we’d like to talk about our top plumbing tips that can help customers avoid expensive problems like wasted water or plumbing repair in Franklin, TN.

Let’s get right to it, and make sure you set aside some time this year to enjoy your favorite summertime activities stress-free!

Protect Your Drains

Do you protect your drains with any mesh screens or a garbage disposal? If the answer is “no” or “not really,” then you might want to spend some time this summer reconsidering that.

Drains can be inundated with a lot of clogging materials over the course of a year. In the hopes of preventing a call to your local plumber, try investing in some protective gear to keep only wastewater entering your drains. And don’t forget to remind your kids that action figures and toy cars do not belong in the drain!

Investigate Your Lawn for Sewer Leaks

It seems like every day someone is mowing their lawn. This is an important part of the season for it, since grass is growing incredibly quickly right now. However, we want you to take a break every now and then to survey your grass. Does one patch look exceptionally green to you, and it’s not near compost or anything that might make it look that way? Then chances are, you might have a sewer leak.

Contact your local plumber to investigate further.

Look for Hose Leaks

Hoses can be fun to use during the summer, especially for kids. But they’re prone to leaking, especially if they’re not kept properly from season to season.

Be sure to look for hose leaks in your lawn and investigate those puddles.

Be Realistic With Your Fauna and Sprinklers

Water use can be expensive and bad for the environment when it becomes excessive. Take some time this summer to evaluate your property’s fauna, like grass and plants. Sprinklers are wonderful tools for helping your plants grow, but make sure you’re maximizing the water at certain times of the day. You might want to also consider using more water-efficient plants that can cut your water costs down considerably (while still keeping your lawn beautiful, of course!).

Invest in a Trustworthy Plumber

A plumber that you trust is worth their weight in gold. Seriously, plumbing professionals are all over the place, but this industry can be a tough one to navigate as a homeowner. When you find a plumber you actually like that you can trust for accurate estimates and savings, you’ll be in a great spot for any repairs or installations you need in the future.

Let your next plumbing project be a good reason to be picky and locate your favorite plumber.

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