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Your heater works very hard to keep your home comfortable. It chugs along, day and night, to ensure that your house stays close to the temperature specified on the thermostat. This is true no matter what system you have: they’re all designed to keep a space comfortable and allow homeowners to focus on the more important things in life.

However, a heating system can run into problems that inhibit this process and cause stress for everyone. As your home gets colder, it can be easy to fall into a spiral where you start looking up whether your system needs to finally be replaced or repaired.

An HVAC technician is the only one with the training and background to get you that information clearly and concisely. While we can’t give you an accurate diagnosis on your heating repair in Hendersonville, TN, we can give you some general guidelines that should help with the decision-making.

Signs to Repair Your Heater

Let’s start off with some good signs that your heater still has some life left in it. Forced-air heating systems like gas furnaces and heat pumps are the most common heating system we see, so most of these are applicable to those kinds of units. But even if you have an unconventional heating system, you can still use the same general tips when evaluating a problem.

A Single, Unconnected Problem

If your heating system has encountered a single, unconnected problem that has never popped up before, then it might be something that can be easily alleviated with repairs. Every time we sell a new heating installation, we have to specify that after a few years, it’s common for a heater to require a repair or an adjustment. As long as the problem isn’t reoccurring or extremely expensive, it’s pretty normal.

Age, Efficiency, and Power

Now, let’s talk about some reasons why you might still want to keep your heating system, even if it’s causing a lot of problems.

  • If the system is only a few years old, then it’s likely still got a lot of time left on it before it runs into problems.
  • If it doesn’t cost that much to run on a monthly basis, then it’s worth keeping around.
  • If it’s powerful enough to keep your home warm and cozy, it might be better to repair it.

Actually, the System Needs a Replacement

Does your system need to be replaced instead? That could be. Here are some signs that replacement is a better option.


Once a heating system reaches its 10th birthday, it’s running on borrowed time. Forced-air heating systems only last between 10–15 years in age before they run into tremendous problems like inefficiency and system breakdowns due to broken components. At this point, replacing your system is more cost-effective.

Efficiency and Frequent Repairs

If your heating system runs up the bill every month to the point where it’s untenable, then you might want to replace it with a more efficient system. Also, frequent repairs signal that the system is undergoing a lot of wear and tear, which is not a good sign for the future.

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