Yes, a Garbage Disposal Is Eco-Friendly

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Most customers who purchase a garbage disposal system do so out of convenience. They’re just more convenient then having to constantly swap the food waste out of your sink and into your trash container. But what people don’t talk about as often is the sheer efficiency of these systems. For just a tiny bit of electrical energy (which can be sustainably sourced), these units can greatly reduce the amount of trash you send to a landfill, and they can be the first step towards home composting.

Today, we’re going to talk about this unique perk of such an amazing system. We’ll discuss why, in various ways, a garbage disposal in Smyrna, TN is going to provide your home with some tools to stay environmentally friendly and more energy efficient. And yes, couple that with the convenience of sending food waste down the drain, and you’ve got a system that’s almost a perfect purchase for most homes.

How a Garbage Disposal Works

For the uninitiated, let’s talk about how this system actually works. It’s hooked up to the bottom of your kitchen sink drain, where it catches all of the food waste that it can actually consume. This does not include things like bones, fruit pits, and other very tough substances that will be better off in a trash bin. But all of the soft food waste will simply fit down there and wait for you to pull a switch.

When the switch is hit, the garbage disposal will cycle blades incredibly quickly like a blender. It will completely shred all of the food waste until it is easily flushed down your pipes with water. Then, through the use of gravity and other plumbing pumps, the food waste will arrive at a water treatment plant where it can be properly treated and consumed by natural bacteria.

How a Garbage Disposal Is Eco-Friendly

So, what about this is eco-friendly? Or at least, why is this more eco-friendly than just throwing food waste in the trash?

For starters, more trash is always going to be worse for your home’s environmental impact. Trash must be carried away via garbage trucks, which consume fuel. Then, they’re almost always placed in a landfill where it will take years, decades, or even longer to have that trash finally decompose.

When your food waste can be sent down the drain with the help of a garbage disposal, it reduces the amount of trash that goes into the bin and sent away via garbage trucks. This is almost always going to be better.

And it’s important to remember that a garbage disposal system uses electrical energy, and a very little amount of it compared to the energy used to remove trash. If you’re really trying to overachieve, you can invest in solar panels, which can store enough energy to power these systems every single time you use them.

Basically, a garbage disposal sends food waste through a plumbing system to where it can be naturally broken down and consumed by bacteria, while the cleaned water gets returned back to the aquifer where it can be used again.

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