The Four Types of Emergency Plumbers

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So, the time has come and your drain has started leaking into a slippery puddle on your kitchen floor. Before the panic causes your blood pressure to skyrocket and you start cancelling all of your plans the night, we want you to take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay.

Seriously, as your friendly neighborhood plumber, we see this kind of stuff all the time. It’s not the end of the world, and as long as you can shut your water off so that the leak stops happening, then you’re in good shape. Since you’re not a plumber, it’s not really your job or expertise to handle this kind of thing—it’s ours!

But, before you start searching online and calling friends with plumbing experience, we need to cover an important topic. Here are the four main types of plumbers you’ll come across when you start searching for emergency plumbers in Franklin, TN.

Apprentice Plumbers

Apprentice plumbers aren’t usually available for you to call when you have an emergency. That’s because they’re still working with a master plumber to gain enough experience in the field to apply for their plumbing license. Apprentice plumbers commonly shadow master plumbers on service calls while they learn about the ins and outs of plumbing, so don’t be alarmed if a master plumber shows up with an apprentice!

Journeyman Plumbers

Journeyman plumbers represent a large subsection of the plumber population. A journeyman plumber is licensed and qualified to perform a number of plumbing repairs, including most emergency plumbing fixes. The only difference is that journeyman plumbers don’t usually have the credentials to start their own plumbing company or hire other plumbers. Don’t be concerned if a master plumber sends a journeyman to your home: they’re qualified enough to help you.

Master Plumbers

Master plumbers are as good as they get! Master plumbers, like the several we have on our team, are plumbers who have reached the top level of plumbing certification. They’re licensed and insured like journeyman plumbers, but they’re also capable of running a plumbing company full of professionals. And, master plumbers can take on apprentices and teach them about plumbing so they can start the process all over again! If you’re looking for sound advice on your plumbing system, be sure to consult with a master plumber.

Amateur Plumbers

Be warned, the reason why amateur plumbers are on the end of our list is that it’s a category that we’d urge customers to pass over when they need help. Amateurs can be anything from a family member who’s smart and interested in plumbing, to someone who has little to no experience with real plumbing. Paying for an amateur is taking a serious risk on your home plumbing.

When you’re in an emergency, calling for an amateur is rolling the dice. Sure, you could get in touch with someone who really knows what they’re doing and who has the knack and talent for plumbing appliances. But you could also get someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and who makes things worse. You really can’t be certain.

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